MYSI Mission:

Anchored by God's love for all, we help youth, seniors and families reach greater potential by providing high quality, effective programs and services which focus on empowering youth, seniors and families to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Christian Mission:

MYSI, without regard to gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity, will provide its services with the highest regard for the Methodist faith and Wesleyan values that promote respect and compassion for others.

Our Values:

MYSI operates its programs and services under the simple principle that integrity is soundness coupled with adherence to a "Code of Values" with the highest degree of professionalism.

Our Vision:

MYSI Vision is to enhance the quality of life in the Chicago inner cities through responsiveness, efficiency and by providing high quality programs and services.

Our Strategic Goals:

Growth: How many youth, seniors and families we serve
At no time in our agency's history has the need for quality, cost-effective care been greater. MYSI is proud to be able to tailor its programs and services to meet the individual needs of our clientele.

Quality: How well we serve our clientele
For 48 years, we have assisted those in need. As times have changed over the years, MYSI has also changed to meet the changing service needs of our clientele.

Intentionality: Who we serve We remain committed to an increased deliberate outreach to the most vulnerable youth, senior and families who can benefit the most from our programs and services.

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